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Michigan Falls to The Middle in Hospital Safety Rankings

May 22, 2019

Leapfrog recently released its spring 2019 hospital grades. The organization rated hospitals throughout the country on safety using an A to F scale. Here in Michigan, 81 facilities were rated.

How many Michigan hospitals got a top grade?

When it comes to A grades, Michigan didn’t do as well as it did a half-year ago. In the recent ratings, 26 Michigan hospitals were given this top safety grade. This works out to a little over 32 percent of the reviewed hospitals in the state. This is down from the fall 2018 ratings, in which just under 40 percent of Michigan hospitals received an A.

How does this compare to other states?

Michigan fell in the state rankings on this metric. In the fall 2018 ratings, it was just out of the top ten for states with the highest percentage of A-graded hospitals, coming in at No 11. In contrast, in the spring 2019 grades, the state landed more in the middle, being ranked No. 22.

Where did the rest of Michigan’s’ hospitals land for safety grades?

The most common grade for Michigan hospitals in the recent report was a B. Twenty-nine of the state’s hospitals received this grade.

A C grade was given to 25 Michigan hospitals. Only one hospital in the state was rated below a C, with that one being given the lowest grade of an F.

How hospitals in Michigan are doing when it comes to safety has big impacts on patients in the state. When hospitals fail to give safety its proper due, it can open up the potential for major, harmful medical errors. What steps would you most like to see Michigan hospitals take to improve patient safety?