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Oxygen Deprivation Injuries Attorneys in Detroit, Michigan

Nothing is more crucial to our health than oxygen. The human body can survive for weeks without food, and for days without water, but when it is deprived of oxygen there can be serious injuries within seconds and death within minutes. And yet, oxygen deprivation can occur during necessary medical procedures. There are many tragic cases where this occurs despite all parties involved doing everything right. But all too often, patients sustain injuries due to a lack of oxygen brought on by the negligent error of a medical practitioner.

At Ratton Law Group PC, our attorneys have a deep background in medical malpractice law as well as in medicine. Both of our attorneys are trained as nurses, so we have a unique and nuanced understanding of best practices in medicine and what behaviors can be considered negligent. We provide timely and accurate information about your case so that you can make informed decisions and maximize the likelihood of receiving the financial compensation to which you may be entitled.

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In a medical setting, oxygen deprivation occurs most commonly during surgery, when the patient is under anesthesia. A major part of the anesthesiologist’s job is to monitor breathing during and after intubation, and mistakes during this period can quickly lead to serious and negative effects such as brain injury and hypoxia — a lack of oxygen at the tissue level.

Oxygen deprivation can also occur during emergent medical events such as a heart attack or stroke. These often occur far from medical professionals, but they can be liable for a failure to intervene or diagnose the problem when they are present, such as in an emergency room. A lack of oxygen is also a serious concern during childbirth, and it can lead to serious harm in an infant.

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