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What Happens if A Baby Stays in The Birth Canal for Too Long?

July 24, 2019

The labor and delivery process is nothing short of a miracle, but if everything does not go according to plan, it could be fraught with complications. Some complications occur when the baby stays in the birth canal for too long. If you plan to give birth in a Michigan hospital, it is important that you understand the risks associated with the birth process and prolonged labor.

According to Healthline, birth canal issues often lead to Cesarean sections. However, if the baby has already been in the birth canal for too long, other complications can occur. One such complication is Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy occurs when the baby’s neck stretches too far during delivery and as the result of the shoulders’ inability to pass through the birth canal. Erb’s palsy often results in arm weakness and immobility. However, in rare cases, it can result in paralysis of the arm.

Bone fractures and breaks are another consequence of a baby remaining in the birth canal for too long. Typically, the break occurs in the clavicle, shoulder or leg. Though a break can cause pain, it will typically heal with time.

If a baby’s head becomes rotated or flexed during delivery and remains in that position for too long, he or she may develop a laryngeal nerve injury. This type of injury is a vocal cord injury and can cause the baby to have a hoarse cry or experience difficulty when swallowing. Typically, laryngeal nerve injuries resolve themselves within one to two months.

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