In hospitals, mistakes occur in many ways and the consequences are devastating. However, this is especially true when it comes to the emergency room, and many people in Michigan suffer as a result of critical errors that occur in the ER. Ratton Law Group PC understands the myriad of challenges that victims of ER mistakes go through and we also realize how devastating these errors are for entire families. Not only do victims suffer from a physical standpoint, but the emotional and financial ramifications are significant in many instances as well.

Mistakes happen in emergency rooms for many reasons. Some errors involve medication, whether someone is given too much of a certain drug or they take the wrong drug altogether. Sometimes, critical health concerns are dismissed or overlooked and in some instances, people suffer as a result of unnecessary delays. These are just a few examples of how things go wrong in the emergency room and we firmly believe that negligent health care workers who cause such hardships cannot get away with their behavior.

Recovering from any type of injury is tough in many instances, but when something goes wrong when someone seeks urgent medical attention the recovery process is more daunting in many cases. Furthermore, these errors happen far too often and many Michigan families are never the same following a critical error in the ER. On our medical malpractice page, we offer more information that is related to the consequences of ER errors and some of the options that victims and their loved ones have while trying to move forward.

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