Michigan residents go to the emergency room to receive medical attention. Unfortunately, sometimes the ER trip results in bigger problems for the patient. These errors result in serious injury and even death.

In Healthcare Finance News, emergency room medical errors may have more to do with cognitive shortcomings nearly half the time. These information-processing errors can result from the hustle and bustle of the environment. Physicians and staff face constant interruptions and information that is unreliable or incomplete.

Besides information processing, other common errors occurred due to information verification nearly 1/3 of the time and information gathering inadequacies about 18% of the time. About 13% of the time, the healthcare professional incorrectly diagnosed a patient prematurely or misjudged findings. Unfortunately, the reasons for these errors remain unknown.

Science Daily published the study referenced in the Healthcare Finance News article. The 2018 study by De Gruyter estimated that 250,000 American deaths occurred each year due to medical errors. The medical errors occurring in emergency rooms are similar to those on the inpatient floors.

The study concluded that doctors may not act on the information they receive in the right ways. The lack of the right information available to doctors does not seem to be the reason for the errors. Rather the study found that cognitive processing of that information resulted in errors.

The study does have limitations as it only studied those patients returning to the emergency room within three days of their initial visit. Patients readmitted to the hospital can indicate a failure to properly treat on the first visit.

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