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Hospital negligence can take many forms

Very few Michigan residents actually enjoy going to the hospital, whether it is to recover from an illness or injury or to have a surgery.

Aside from not feeling the best, being surrounded by all kinds of medical equipment and different professionals and other staff can be a little intimidating, even when the staff are taking the utmost care in their jobs and things go well as a result.

It is unfortunate that sometimes the fears of a reluctant hospital patient are well-founded. All too often, a careless mistake on the part of a member of the hospital staff can leave a patient injured or in a worsened medical condition.

For instance, when staff are moving patients from place to place, they may not do so correctly and cause the patient to fall. Other slips and falls also can happen when patients are not being properly watched by the medical staff. Likewise, sometimes a member of the staff will use their equipment incorrectly or not notice that the equipment is not working properly, leading to diagnostic and other errors.

Sometimes, nurses and other staff members may make a mistake when distributing medication. For instance, they may grab the wrong medicine or give too high or too low of a dose of the right medicine. Depending on a patient's condition, these sorts of mistakes can be serious or even fatal.

Like doctors, nurses and other hospital staff have an obligation to the patients to do their jobs thoroughly and carefully. When they do not, our law office may be able to assist victims and their families with obtaining compensation. With a background in nursing as well as legal knowledge and experience, we can help our clients obtain the best outcome possible after they get hurt or sickened while in the hospital.

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