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Why it is so important to insert a breathing tube correctly

There are times in which a doctor in the Detroit area will have to insert a breathing tube in to his or her patient's throat in order to make sure that the patient will breathe effectively.

In some cases, this is an expected procedure, such as during the course of a surgery in which the patient will be under sedation. In other cases, a doctor will have to act quickly to insert a breathing tube because the patient is undergoing some sort of difficulty with getting air.

Not surprisingly, doctors can make a mistake when inserting or maneuvering a breathing tube, especially if they are in a high-pressure situation. Unfortunately, though, these mistakes can have dire consequences.

For one, not being able to get the tube in quickly, or not doing so correctly, can mean that the patient suffers oxygen deprivation since he or she cannot breathe. As many Michiganders will quickly recognize, not having adequate oxygen can cause severe brain damage and, if not remedied, will lead to death.

Not handling a breathing tube properly can also lead to another, somewhat related condition called aspiration. In day-to-day life, a person experiences minor aspiration if he or she swallows water or a piece of food that goes down the wrong pipe. In other words, the person will cough and wheeze a bit. However, severe or prolonged aspiration can involve the filling up of one's lungs with fluid or other substances, making it difficult if not impossible to breathe.

As a trained professional, a doctor in charge of doing so must be able to insert a breathing tube efficiently and effectively. If they are unable to accomplish this important responsibility, the patient may experience a worsened condition or may even die. In such cases, compensation through a medical malpractice claim may be available.

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