Medical Malpractice Overview

The most important moment in any patient's treatment comes when a doctor or other medical practitioner makes his or her first examination. While modern medicine provides a wide array of tools to treat illness and injury, you can only benefit from these tools if your doctor or nurse properly diagnoses the problem and prescribes the correct treatment in response. An incorrect diagnosis or treatment can lead to serious consequences as your illness or injury worsens when it could have been recognized and treated by a reasonable medical practitioner.

If a medical professional failed to diagnose your condition in a timely manner, or failed to properly treat it, you have a right to take legal action to hold that person accountable. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can help prevent others from suffering the same harm, and it also has the potential to result in financial compensation for the harm that you have already suffered.

Practicing throughout Michigan, Ratton Law Group PC can help you hold a negligent medical professional or institution responsible for improper treatment. Our attorneys are trained as both lawyers and nurses, which gives us the technical medical knowledge to quickly and accurately recognize malpractice and help you document the harm that it has caused.